Grace & Josh

by Caroline Velazquez

Grace and Josh Smith


I have known Grace since the day she was born. We have been best friends for our entire lives! Some of my favorite memories with her are sleepovers, summer camp, being students at JMU, and endless phone calls. Grace and Josh met in February 2020, right before the COVID shut down. They compliment each other beautifully and have two of the most loving hearts I have ever met. They had an intimate family wedding ceremony in July 2021 and had bridal portraits done at Historic Polegreen Church in October. 

Creative Credits

Wedding Flowers by King William Florist

Wedding Photos by Katelyn Gypsy Photography


Grace requested a vase, jewelry dish, and a ring dish as a surprise for Josh. 

Smith wedding flowers

 Flowers in clay slabs

 Flower impressions

 Grace and Josh wedding bundle