The Process

Your flowers pressed and personalized with love.

Your Event

Enjoy your time with loved ones! Designate someone to keep the flowers in fresh water as long as possible and transport them after the event.

    Getting the Flowers to the Studio

    If you live in the Greater Richmond area you can either drop them off at my studio or I can pick them up from you. Otherwise, I will provide instructions for you to mail the flowers to my studio. 

    The process of pressing flowers into clay

    In the Studio

    I will carefully inspect the flowers upon arrival and keep them in water until I press them. Then I will roll out several clay slabs and press the flowers into uniquely crafted compositions. After the slabs become slightly leatherhard, I form each unique ceramic vessel through hand building. Once the vessels dry to boneware, I bisque fire them to approximately 1830 degrees fahrenheit. After the first firing I apply multiple layers of each color glaze, wipe away excess glaze, and apply multiple layers of clear glaze. The last step is to glaze fire the vessels to approximately 1915 degrees fahrenheit. This process results in durable ceramics that you can enjoy everyday. 


      Your artwork is carefully packaged for local pickup or delivery! Orders are typically shipped within 4-6 weeks of receiving the flowers. You will also receive care instructions for your ceramics upon delivery. 

      Check Your Date

      Tell me about your event and your vision for the flowers. Fill out the form below, including date of the event and how you heard about me. I'm excited to hear from you!